• Title: White Cube
  • Date: 2021
  • Category: Web Design, Editorial Design, Hybrid Publishing
  • Size (of publication): 20 x 28,7 cm
  • Size (of posters): 28,7 x 41 cm
  • Website: White Cube (works best on desktop)

“Diversity and representation is seen as a trend, something you can only commit to short-term.”

White Cube is a conversation piece about diversity – more precisely the lack there of – in the art world, focussing on the institute’s permanent collections. Over the last few years, we have seen a rise of temporary exhibitions of more diverse artists. However, this doesn’t translate into structural change. Diversity and representation is seen as a trend, something you can only commit to short-term. This creates a progressive veneer, a cosmetic performance even, that hides underlying conflicts regarding systematic oppression.

In White Cube, the temporality of diversity is highlighted by translating it in a literal manner through restricting the accessibility to the exhibition in an exaggerated manner. Daily, a different exhibition takes place by a different curator. However, these exhibitions are only available for 15 minutes a day. To transform the temporary show of diversity in to something more permanent, the visitor is able to print a physical translation of the exhibition in the form of a poster. By means, performing an act of archiving, while simultaneously creating a personal, permanent collection. Additionally, visitors can create a zine containing more information about diversity in the art world and the forces that uphold the discriminatory and oppressive system.

*All articles and art works are collected, the rights lay with the maker.