• Title: I Want to 2020/Dada You – The Urgency of Making Stuff
  • Date: 2020
  • Category: Collage, Event, Workshop
  • Concept: Studio Renate Boere
  • Collages: Bobbie van Leeuwen
  • Book design: Ilja Yael Sprenger, Melissa Yanell van der Ree & Samantha Sejwal
  • Publisher: Hybrid Crocodile
  • In collaboration with: Arielle Ralph, Eugi Manenti, Eva van den Broek, Gert Granickaite, Honey Grace Canira Simatupang, Ilja Yael Sprenger, Jermaine Adoptie, Joozt Bakker, Karmella Barski, Lilla Baksay, Melissa Yanell van der Ree, Miglé Alonderyte, Niki Simons, Nino Tielemans, Noa George, Samantha Sejwal, Senne Hermesdorf, Sofia Rodriguez Pereira, Verne Ekkel, Yeju Hu & Zandri Zomerdijk

“A diverse collection of stories in the spirit of Dada”

I want to 2020/dada you is a collaborative two-week workshop led by Renate Boere and Quirine Dob, where 20 students produce a book and exhibition. Each student makes twenty collages in two days time, of which ten are published and exhibited, creating a diverse collection of stories in the spirit of Dada.

These collages question how we form our identity within a world that is so concerned with boxes and expectations, and where mental health issues flourish. While everyone is so focussed on their (online) image, how can we discover who we truly are? How can we explore ourselves outside these limited perceptions? And what effects does this hyper consciousness and self awareness have on our mental health?